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Last Online: November 20, 2017
Birthday: February 18, 1981
Country: United States
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If you are my partner and have not received a swap from me, kindly message me. I always send a week early with Delivery Confirmation. Just to be on the safe side. I work extremely hard and go above and beyond on every swap. With that being said, the minute I receive your package. I will connect on to the Bot and rate you fairly!

HARRY WINSTON WATCH OUT, I Dream in Diamonds. My name is Lauren and I live in the sunny state of Florida by way of Southern California. I am a SAHW. I married the man of my dreams in 2010 and became a mommy on Valentine's Day 2013 & D-Day 2015. What can I say, I liked going into labor on holidays. My little man and princess have perfect timing is all I can say. I am still adjusting to this title called MOMMY & balancing my ever demanding career of costume making. Take a look at my website you'll understand when I say balancing & being a new mommy. Its a little nuts around here with cute little mini me's and a whole lot of crystals and feathers. LOL

I am a designer of all things Swarovski: Crystallized Bikinis, Extravagant Costume/Theme Wear, Vintage Luggage & Shoes. I love the creation process. A truly calming experience for me and I feel doing it right the first time is the reason why I have customers return time and time again. Some even become fabulous friends. Theme wear & shoes are my favorite things to make. Check out my website: www.queenofcrystal.com, it's currently being updated for SEO and some other nifty internet tricks to drive more searchable customers in to my world.

Truly my home away from home, it is where I am the happiest. I am so obsessed. I have decided for my 40th Birthday, I would like to renew my vows at DisneyWorld. We even named our Black & White Persian Cat Disney! Yes. I am a registered nut.

I love homes that have true character, that hold a little mystery. I could definitely do some decorating damage to this house. Love this French Chateau Style Manor, definitely would love to own a vintage manor one day. Hey never stop dreaming! Two of my favorite websites for homes are: http://circaoldhouses.com and http://www.chateaugudanes.com

Another obsession are the Painted Ladies, I totally could live in one of them. Reminds me of living in a real life doll house. Gorgeous stained glass, turrets, pocket doors, cellars and attics for plenty of storage and areas you can turn into work and craft rooms. Would die to own one of them! Not sure I could convince my honey bunny.

Um, seriously this meme couldn't be more true. I love tacos so much. I think I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My faves are the mini Mexican Street Tacos with onions, cilantro and lime. I could eat like 5 at one time. I am hungry already, what about you?.

Madly obsessed with the Edwardian Period, Gilded Age and all the way to the 1950's. I do believe in my former life I was an American Heiress. Lover of all things sparkly and diamonds are definitely my best friend. I believe in style, decorum and the family legacy goes along way. My dream would be to live in a grand estate with a full staff, but for now I will be grateful with living on the 11th hole of the golf course. Meeting up with friends for lunch, letter boxing, chasing my kids around, finding time to sit down & breathe are the activities that consume my current days.

Being an Heiress Is Not Easy: So finding things to entertain and inspire me can prove to be difficult at times. Here is a list of things that either entertain or inspire me in no particular order:

  • Women's Rights (Suffragette in the house)
  • Edwardian Period in NY (Titanic & Gilded Age)
  • Corsets & Costumes
  • Strange Obsession for (Alice in Wonderland)
  • The History of Hollywood, CA
  • Disney Imagineer (Disney Obsessed)
  • Obsession with Hollywood Regency Decor
  • 20th Century Architecture
  • Pin ups and Vaudeville Themes
  • I Love Rosaries & Virgin of Guadalupe Stuff (Not religious in anyway, but love religious iconography!!)
  • Letterboxing check out www.atlasquest.com

Favorite Books

I definitely read a lot, I am totally addicted to words on a page. I love to read chic literature, fun light hearted fiction, how to books, fashion illustration and teach yourself a language, historical fiction and non fiction. Cook books are my secret sin. I can stay up late just gaining calories from reading all of the decadent ingredients!

My favorite books are and will always be:

  • Imagining Argentina
  • The Great Gatsby
  • The Help
  • Gossip Girl
  • Shopaholic Series
  • No Angel Trilogy
  • Twilight Series (I love Edward)
  • Harry Potter Series
  • Gone With The Wind
  • To Kill A Mockingbird
  • Anything by Penny Vincenzi
  • Water For Elephants

TV & Music

So my New Year's resolution was to stop watching reality TV shows. So if it's not an amazing series with a great story or how to show then I am just not interested anymore. If I happen to be watching I am definitely only tuned into:

  • Blackish (This show is hilarious & relatable)

  • Dancing with the Stars (I love the costumes)

  • Downton Abbey (I am totally obsessed)

  • Tanked (Lets just say we are definitely having them make us a custom tank when we move into our next home. We need more room for a killer tank) I want a Porcupine Puffer and a Moorish Idol in the next tank!

  • Real Time with Bill Maher

  • Being Mary Jane

  • Queen Sugar (Oprah, leaves me hanging after. every episode)

I love watching old black and white 50's game shows like What's My Line, Password, and Beat the Clock and Same Name. They just remind me of some very glamorous time.

I love Sinatra and Big Band 40's era music,especially while I work. I also like late 90's hip/hop. And I am fan of Classic Rock and Roll and Alternative while singing at the top of my lungs in the car. And House Music (Swedish House Mafia is my favorite & Calvin Harris), when I really want to let loose!

Disney Obession

So, I have been in love with Disney practically my whole life, but after my mom passed away I damn near became obsessed with the subject and all things Ears related. She used to work for Disney when she was younger, And was even a model for all the Disney Training Videos. She really enjoyed her time at Disney and I truly believe this is where she learned all about being a kind but fair business woman. She always talked highly of the behind the scenes magic and how she could always incorporate her training from Disney in everyday situations She was amazing and I loved hearing about her Disney stories. My favorite Character of all time is Minnie Mouse. I believe my husband is my Mickey and I am his Minnie. When we move I want and all white kitchen so I can turn it into an entire Disney themed kitchen. I read anything and everything about Disney. I am now more interested in the building of the park, the imagineers, how the rides and movies were made.

I am also obsessed with Pin Trading, so if. you pin trade....Let's Trade. Some of the themes I collect:

  • Minnie Mouse

  • Jiminy Cricket

  • Birds from the Tiki Room

  • Haunted Mansion ((Anything))

  • Alice in Wonderland

  • Fantasia ((Anything))

  • Club 33 & Blue Bayou

And, I can't forget Jiminy Cricket, the littlest character with the biggest heart. I live my life through his kind words "Always let your conscience be your guide" you will never be lost if you always do the right thing.

My Wishlist

  • Anything From My Etsy Favorites
  • Necco Wafer & Conversation Candy Hearts
  • Ring Pops (My son is obsessed)
  • Brachs Cinnabears & Rootbear Barrels
  • Etiquette, Party Throwing & Recipe Books
  • Lottery Scratchers
  • Rubber Stamps
  • Jigsaw Puzzles over 500 pieces
  • Anything with FLAMINGOS & ARABIAN HORSES (My Spirit Bird & Animal)
  • Vintage Postcards
  • Vintage Pyrex
  • Vintage Gift Wrap
  • Anything Disney Related
  • Disney Trading Pins

Tea Anyone?

I Collect Vintage Tea Cups, so if your rummaging vintage stores, estate sales, surfing the Etsy wave and come across something beautiful, send it my way. I love Tea Cups. I am not looking for complete sets, I am giving my twist on coming for tea a modern kick with mismatched OOAK china.

Flakers =(

I am finally forced to put this up because I have been flaked on 4 times, twice for receiving nothing and twice for not be rated. =( Most of my swaps are journal swaps which take about two months and a lot of creative thinking, so it really sucks not to get anything in return and even worse not being rated for the hard work you've done.

April 16, 2010 @PrettyPoetStacy - Queen For A Day Journal Swap(My swap wasn't even rated...She received it too, and has been kicked off the bot)

April 16, 2010 @SwtBtrCup - Queen For A Day Journal Swap

June 11, 2009 @HmRoss - Ultimate Journal Swap - ANGELED BY @Grandmaroro

June 23, 2017 @aqualuna - A Penpal From Every Country

September 2, 2017 @Miamorswife - Shared Journal Experience #4 (She received my swap and never rated me)

September 2, 2017 @BmichelleXoXo - Coloring Page Swap (Reached out several times, received my swap and was never rated)

RAK's & Angels


@LadyStephanie - Scented Soaps (Package) - Sent 1-15-2010

@ShadowAkiyah - Stationery Set (Package) - Sent 11-12-2010

@Kim91262 - Replenish Strawberry Mentos Stash (Flat Mail) -Sent 1-10-2011

@PinkMudd - Post Cards with Animals (Flat Mail) - Sent 2-2-2011

@JenniferKaos - 4 Twilight Journals (Package) - Sent 6-23-2012

@FrancescaP - Huge Box Of Gardetto's (Box) Sent 7-1-2014

@Usacricket - Secret Santa For Her Daugther (Boxes) Sent 12-7-2014


@Keahirada - Coloring Book Swap (Package) - Sent 12-10-2010

@Kim91262 - Music To Run By CD Swap (Flat Mail) - Sent 1-10-2011

@Keahirada - Journal With A Twist Swap (Package)- Sent 1-11-2011

@LadyRose - $10 Gift Card Swap (Flat Mail, sent $20) - Sent 2-1-2011

@ShadowAkiyah - I Want More Penpals #3 (Flat Mail) - Sent 2-2-2011

@Keahirada - CPG Flat Envie Profile Swap US Only (Package)- Sent 2-2-2011

@Keahirada - Fill Up My Mail Box, The Remix (Package) - Sent 2-2-2011

@Vblarney - 101010 Postcard Swap (Flat Mail) - Sent 2-8-2011

@ArtisticExpression - 30 Favorite Websites (Email) - Sent 3-13-2011

@ThisismeAXiD - 30 Favorite Websites (Email) - Sent 3-13-2011

@Marcsgrl - Lady Rose's 15 Questions Swap (Email) - Sent 3-30-2011

@Provadia - $50 Private Swap (Package) - Sent 4-5-2011

@Robynmh4 - Journal Your January (Package) - Sent 5-2-2011

@Vintervila - Recipe Card Swap (Flat Mail) - Sent 5-13-2011

@DeniseN10ec - Weekly RAK #1 (Email) - Sent 7-5-2011

@DeniseN10ec -Top 20 Favorite Websites & Blogs (Email) - Sent 7-5-2011

@DeniseN10ec - Journal of Quotes (Package) - Sent 7-5-2011

@DebP - August Birthday Card Swap/With Surprise(Flat Mail) - Sent 7-9-2011

@Veltheimia - August Birthday Card Swap/With Surprise (Flat Mail) - Sent 7-9-2011

@Jnolan05 - Huge Mega Journal Swap(Package) - Sent 7-30-2011

@GinaMarie - State Magnet Swap (Flat Mail) - Sent 10-10-2011

@LyndensMommy - State Magnet Swap (Flat Mail) Sent 10-10-2011

@Provadia - We love Jeffree Star '09! (Flat Mail) - Sent 10-10-2011

@NymphetMaggot - Long Term Journal Swap (6 months) (Package) -Sent 1-30-2012

@Grandmaroro - Art Journal For Beginners (Package) - Sent 10-27-2012

@Athanasiasmile - Themed Shoebox: Feb 2012 (Package) - Sent 12-15-2012

@Erickalin - Hello Kitty Fans Swap #2 (Package) Sent 8-5-2013

@Julesdn - Handmade Jewelry Set Swap (Package) - Sent 8-5-2013

@MelodyMoon - Private Swap MelodyMoon & Jinxydc (Box) - Sent 8-12-2013

@PhoenixSwap - Blind Surprise Swap (June) (Package) - Sent 8-29-2013

@Tpartymom - Journaling With A Purpose (Package) - Sent 12-3-2013

@Tpartymom - A Simple Woman's Day #2 (Package) - Sent 12-3-2013

@KristinCali - Another Journal/Notebook Letter Swap (Package) - Sent 4-8-2014

@FrancescaP - Profile Based Surprise Package (Package) - Sent 5-2-2014

@Makeupbychiara - Sweet Mail Swap (Package) - Sent 6-9-2014

@Bombardiette - Halloween Pen Pal & Surprise Swap (Package) - Sent 8-9-2017


MawBella rated for WELCOME TO STEPFORD on Nov 20, 2017
Comment: As always you have gone above and beyond. And I LOVE IT. Your book is amazing and filled with tons of ideas and recipes and helpful hints as well as an idea of your style. And the extra goodies you sent made my day. ❤️ Thank you my friend. ❣❣❣❣
FundyGirl rated for JOURNAL SWAP AH & FUNDYGIRL #5 on Nov 17, 2017
Comment: Got the book. Looking forward to writing back. And I'll set up the next swap in a couple of days.
taledo rated for SHARED JOURNAL EXPERIENCE SWAP #7 on Nov 17, 2017
Comment: Arrived today :)
FundyGirl rated for Journal Swap AH & FundyGirl #4 on Nov 5, 2017
Comment: You are so quick! I got it even before I had finished the one I'm sending you. Wow!
Response: That’s me responding the day i get it and my husband sending before asking. I don’t complain bc he is just being thoughtful. Sorry if this drives you nuts lol
Comment: Thank you so much for the amazing Thanksgiving gift. I love the card and stickers. You were so kind to send such a nice Starbucks gift just in time for Holiday drinks to come out soon. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Response: Marie, you are so welcome. Happy Halloween! So glad it arrived in time and you that you loved it. Can’t wait to get mine!
IsadoraWing rated for Private Journal Swap #53 on Oct 29, 2017
Comment: Speedy delivery, as usual. Can't wait to tell you about Halloween. :D
Response: I can’t wait to hear about Halloween and tell you why Peyton’s missing Halloween!
USAFwife rated for USAFWIFE & AH JOURNAL SWAP ROUND #3 on Oct 28, 2017
Comment: Good to hear from you :)
FundyGirl rated for JOURNAL SWAP AH & FUNDYGIRL #3 on Oct 28, 2017
Comment: Your book arrived safe and sound. I will set up the next round thus afternoon.
Hsing rated for Adult Coloring PC USA #57 on Oct 24, 2017
Comment: Dear Laura, I appreciate that I received you postcard even before I sent mine! The card was very nice and neat :-) Thank you for the card~ Jess
Response: Jess, you are so welcome glad you loved it
IsadoraWing rated for PRIVATE JOURNAL SWAP #52 on Oct 24, 2017
Comment: Of course it came and here I am rating. We've been texting a lot lately haha!
Response: I know it’s all the swap bot drama, and all I want to be is approved for FOPS So I can get a damn flaked list
Comment: OK so I don't have much experience with pocket letters yet but I know enough to see that you totally outdid yourself! Thank you! I am definitely learning from you, too! PS. I won $2 :D
Response: Me either @Heatherknits I’m just goIng with the flow. I love them they are lots of fun!
pinkpikachu96 rated for Disney Trading Pin Swap #1 on Oct 22, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the tinkerbell pins! They will be perfect for my Disney pin collection! Sorry this rating is a little behind, I just finished celebrating my 21st birthday! :) Happy swapping!
Response: Happy Birthday, sorry that bug ya, I was just like omg the cutest pins ever are lost!
Comment: Just arrived! :) My daughter opened it and said "Hey, mom, look! Someone else likes bulldogs!" :) haha :)
Response: Lol too cute!
Comment: Thanks a lot for the re-send of the pocket letter and the extras. Loved it all. Will let you know when the original swap will ever arrive.
Response: Oh yeah that was quick!!!! And the first one is still out at large. LOL dont eat the peppermint lifesavers I sent the first round. You hate peppermint!!! LOL
FundyGirl rated for Journal Swap AM & FundyGirl #2 on Oct 5, 2017
Comment: So quick! Thanks. I love reading about your week.
Response: I will set up round #3 tonight
USAFwife rated for JOURNAL SWAP USAFWIFE & AH #1 on Oct 4, 2017
Comment: Hey, just arrived. I have reading material for tonight. :) Loved the Scooby stickers on the envelope. Silly, but I still love me some Scooby. haha
Response: Me too watch every morning before I take the kids to school. Lol
ChrisAnne rated for SHARED JOURNAL EXPERIENCE #5 on Sep 30, 2017
Comment: This is one lucky journal owner. Everyone's entries have been so much fun to read!
AllThingsCraftyy rated for AMAZON WISH LIST SWAP - USA on Sep 29, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much!! Very easy to communicate with and loved the choices :D Great swapper!

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bombardiette on Aug 13, 2017:

I cannot even begin to thank you enough for this incredible angel package that was waiting for me upon my return from camping this weekend. Your angel for the [Halloween Pen Pal and Surprise Swap}(http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/101380) was just...beyond the original swap description and beyond belief. I'm not sure which is cuter either...I don't want to use the sugar skull sugar because it's too cute...the magnet is already on my fridge, and the skull stamp is going to be brought into immediate service for an ATC I'm doing for another swap. Seriously, you are too generous. I wish I could rate you properly for this and give you all of the hearts. Thank you x a million. xoxoxo

MawBella on Jul 20, 2017:

I received your pocket letter today and it was SO lovely!!!! Thank you so very much. I also want to thank you for taking a chance on a newbie and having a swap with me. I so hope you like mine. Just remember that you are my very first pocket letter swap. And I do so hope that we do more together.

Just know that you made my day and I appreciate it. Thanks again and have a wonderful day!!

romyisa78 on Jun 28, 2017:

wohooo, your wish arrived today, and it really made my day. my 8 year old niece AMELIE has seen the unicorn washitape and felt so in love with it, that i gave it to her. but i kept the rainbow one. she was so happy and i should tell you that you are the nicest girl in the world to write with. and now she wants to learn english to write with you and trade unicorn washitape ;-) so a really huge super thank you from me and my niece. WEE LOOVE YOUUUU

Makeupbychiara on Sep 5, 2014:

I have only returned to Swapbot today after a very troubled couple of months personally and I just want to publicly thank you for your Angel, that I am only getting today since it had gotten lost at the post Office, remember when I told you the post man left me a note? He came today with it, he thought it was documents cause it was in a tube and I hadnt ordered anything... Well anyways! Thank you thank you thank you, you have been so kind and patient and you deserve a public Praise! Thanks again! Can't wait to try everything!

FrancescaP on May 28, 2014:

I've been staring at the screen for the last hour, trying to find the right words to express my gratitude... But words are not enough to tell you how humbled I am by your incredible kindness. It's hard to believe such giving persons really do exist, it's just like believing in Santa... And now I'll have to reconsider my position about the old white-bearded geezer ;-) Thanks a million, you truly are an angel and I hope life will repay you a thousand times for your generosity. <3 (A tiny little sign of appreciation is on its way to you, it can't compare what you did for me, but I just felt I had to thank you somehow)

KristinCali on Apr 12, 2014:

You are just fantastic. I am so incredibly grateful for your angel! I received the journal the other day, thank you!!! So much to go through and I love the scratchers and gift cards. What a lovely idea! You are such a great woman to angel all the swaps you do. XOXO

Tpartymom on Dec 13, 2013:

You, sweet lady, are a doll! Received TWO journals you angeled for me today and they are so BEAUTIFUL! I feel like I am holding art in my hands. I haven't even read them yet, but I have been admiring them for 45 mins! I hope 'swap karma' is as good to you as you have been to me! Much love to you-you made my day!

MelodyMoon on Aug 28, 2013:

Hi Lauren!!! Just wanted to let you know I got your package. OMG Lauren you just don't imagine how happy I was when I got it. You just totally made my day, you really did. I loved everything so so much!! You just put so much tought to it and went over all my expectations. I am so happy. First of all the hand sanitizers and the holders, oh so so cute and sweet. I loved them. Then all the sweets that I love and can't get here and all the Hello Kitty and My Melody stuff ohh so cute I loved everything. And the cup cake items... I don't know I just don't have words to describe it. Oh and I loved the little magazine that you've sent about the Scentsy. I've heard of that and I was always curious about them so maybe one day I'll order one from your sister ;) And then my heart almost stopped when I saw the book. You have no idea how much I wanted this book I love Breakfast at Tiffany's and I wanted to read the book so bad. From the bottom of my heart thank you so so much. You angeled this swap and you just made it one of the best packges I've ever got here. You're truly an angel. Thank you so so much.

athanasiasmile on Jan 2, 2013:

Lauren (or as I call you, Dear Santa) Thank you so much for the A M A Z I N G box I received today to angel for the "themed shoebox Love Feb.2012" swap.. the package you sent me would probably equal to 6 shoeboxes of things !!! I loved absolutely everything, is as if you read my profile as well as my mind and you went far and beyond the requirements of this swap, you're truly and angel and I do hope you decide to do an actual swap with me so I can return your kindness. People like you make swap-bot worthwhile .. people like you make the world better, I know it sounds cheesy but for someone to send a stranger such a wonderful package without expecting anything in return is rare these days. I do wish I could rate you for this swap but I guess, you didn't do it for the hearts (the aim was most likely my smile!). I hope 2013 brings you all the happiness you brought to me while opening each gift this morning. xoxo

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