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About Me

APRIL11, 2017 I can't believe I have been on swap-bot for 5 years now. I have made some very delightful acquaintances. Thank you everyone.

DECEMBER 4, 2015 Well we arrived last night after a bad traveling trip. It rained the two days we were going up to Massachusetts and the two days coming home. It was horrendous driving with all those tractor trailer truck spraying the rain. My son was very surprised at his surprise birthday party and more so, when he learned he would be leaving on November 26th for Cancun, Mexico . A sore has returned on my left leg again and I went to the wound clinic, I hope it doesn't take another 8 months to heal. Also I broke out with sores on my legs, arms and neck. I had two biopsy done to see what it is before prescribing treatment. 2 hour at the wound clinic and 4 hours at the rheumetologuits. I am exhausted mentally and physically now. Thank goodness the pain management doctor only took 20 minutes.

November 18, 2015 I will be on vacation from November 19 to December 3. We are traveling to Massachusetts. My son Scott is having a surprise birthday party on Saturday. He is turning 50. Ouch! We will spend Thanksgiving with the family at my cousin Paula's. 4 turkeys will be cooking. It was 76 degrees here today and 40 degrees there. I know why I moved here. I won't have use of a computer, so I hope if you have a problem, it can wait. Happy Thanksgiving! Shirley

October 1, 2015 Well Eastern Carolina is in a State of Emergency from the hurricane. The ocean is supposed to be historically high with costal flooding and beach corrosion along the eastern coast line up to Maine. Another is hitting the Bahamas and headed our way. We had over 6 inches of rain last night and it is still raining like cats and dogs. Out of the blue and the corner of my eye, I just saw a big flash. Moments later, I practically hit the ceiling there was such a loud series of thunder. Funny thing, it was the only one and now it is raining so hard, I can't see across the golf course. I am going to be growing webbed feet. For those that have wondered and asked how my sore was doing, after 8 months I finally have a scab on it and don't have to go to the doctor again. Yea! I will have one huge scar, but at my age I am not flirting with my legs. Heavens forbid, I don't think I could ever wear those high heeled shoes again without breaking my neck, never mind the pain in my toes trying to squeeze them in.

July 16, 2015 UPDATE Well it has been 2 months since I told you what was going on. I have had all the tests in the world it seems and my sore just won't heal. It seems no matter what the doctor tries, I get a reaction from it and we are back to square 1. I was supposed to go into the hyperbaric chamber so my sore would heal from 100% oxygen. No go-if I went into it my lungs might collapse or explode. No thank you, not taking that risk. Going to see an infectious disease doctor next. Hopefully he can come up with something that would heal it. The wound doctor said I was one of a kind. It is funny, most doctors I go to say the same thing. Years ago my son told me to write a book about my everyday life. I didn't, maybe I should have it would have been a good seller to people in the medical field. As my pain management doctor tells me "it is going to hurt whether I do nothing or do something, so I might as well do something and keep moving". If I don't I will just become one of those living vegetables.

May 11,2015 It has rained now for 4 straight days and isn't supposed to stop until Wednesday. I'll have web feet for sure. Been to a wound clinic with a sore that won't heal. I pulled a bandaid off and a little skin came off. It has been 3 months and it won't heal. The doctor said because of my Sjogren's, it has become infected with some rare disease and he has been scrapping all the infected tissues. I swear it looks like he is digging to China. I have a huge hole in my leg. I am on new meds now, so hopefully it will heal soon.

April 15th. It is still chilly here. Can't wait for spring to really come here. It is time for the azalea festival here. They are really beautiful with all the colors. I have been babying my 18 or so straggly bushes. They came up quite well last year and this year I was hoping that they would bloom for the very first time. They were doing well and I could see that I was going to have blossoms this year. Well, this morning I went out to see how they were doing and I all but screamed and cried. My beautiful azalea bushes were all but gone. The deer had a midnight feast for themselves. They ate all the leaves and blossoms, leaving me nothing but branches. I shouldn't feel badly because they did the same to all the neighbors around me. They also hit their rose bushes leaving just branches except where they could not reach. The deer in North Carolina are small. They look like babies compared to the ones up North.

NOTICE: Today, Tuesday, February 17, 2015 Forgive me if my mail is late in sending. We have had a three day weekend with no mail delivery for two day. The governor of North Carolina made today a State of Emergency. This means we do not get mail delivery again today and the post office is closed. When I woke up this morning there was a half of an inch of ice covering everything. Now being 2 o'clock it is only 31 degrees, so nothing is melting. Hopefully I will be able to mail tomorrow if the ice is melted. I am very leery of ice as I broke my femur bone in my left leg completely in half falling on the ice. Thus I am very leery of ice and have difficulties walking even with a cane. 11/16/2014 Time is just flying by, already the middle of November. Can't believe Thanksgiving is next week. I did finish Aubrey's Elsa costume for Halloween, along with 2 gowns for the American girl doll. They went to two swapper in the Adventures of the American Girl group. Fantastic group to swap with. In the middle of all that sewing, my machine finally died and now I have a brand new spanking one. Now to keep up with my aches and pains. I have gone through a lot of tests lately for the pain and back surgery is definitely out. My spine specialist is afraid to operate for fear of doing more damage to my spinal stenosis and degenerative discs. I am going to have a temporary Neurostimulation system implanted in my back for to see if that works for the pain. If it works, I will have a permanent one implanted. To be pain free would be a miracle, if it relieves some of the pain, it will be a blessing.

10/9/2014 Well, we are back. I had a wonderful time with my grandbabies, although my grandson is nearly as tall as I am which is 5 feet 6 inches. Please give me a few days to recuperate. My husband has come down with some illness and is bed ridden with an extremely bad cough. New England was in all its glory. the red, orange and yellow of the maple trees. Just gorgeous! I miss the smell of Autumn-the apple orchard, Indian corn, pumpkins and walking through the dropped leaves. I don't miss the yellow jackets in the apple orchards though.

10/1/2014 Going up north again for a short visit. Husband has to sign some papers, so instead of overnight delivery we decided to drive up and see family, friends and the wonderful fall colors of NEW England. It is so beautiful. That is what I miss living in North Carolina. This part has no nice foliage. Am still in a lot of pain now the doctor wants to see about a spinal stimulator. Well, we will give that a try because my spine can not be operated on. It is supposed to stop pain. Just another thing to go through that probably will not work. Will be home on the 8th of October.

8/15/2014 Well, I've only been able to cut out the patterns for the costumes. I've been stricken with a pinched nerve in my back and nothing has helped. I'm even in agony when I sit, stand lie down, etc. Please if I am late on a swap or if you haven't received it. let me know and I will do what is right with the swap.

Back from vacation 7/14/2014. Please give me a couple of days to catch up. Thank you. Vacation was wonderful. Great seeing all my relatives especially my grandkids. Aubrey the 4 year old is keeping me busy. She wants new curtains for her room and also for Grammie to make the outfit from frozen(Anna and Elza). Found the pattern at Joanne's for $1.48. Great buy.

2014 I turned 71 in January and boy do I feel it but it won't stop me from doing what I want to do. As my pain doctor keeps telling me, I am still walking around so what is the problem? I retired early after spending many years as a financial director. Have spinal stenosis and arthritis, I live in constant pain. I used to be 5 feet 8 inches. Because of the stenosis, I have lost 3 inches. Some days even walking can be very painful and I just have to take it easy and not do much of anything. So please bear with me on those days. After 11 years of tests, I have been diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome. Which is an auto immune system disease. So far my symtoms are a very dry mouth and occasional bouts with vasculitis. Lived in Massachusetts most of my life before moving to New Bern, North Carolina 4 years ago. My husband and I love it here. It is like a little paradise. New Bern is on the river which goes out to the ocean and is a 45 minute drive to the ocean. Average temperature is around 70 degrees. We also love the Southern hospitality. We found a home on a golf course. Although we both do not golf, we love to watch the golfers go by. We have the most beautiful back yard and don't have to do a thing to it. We have woods across the golf course so all sorts of nature's little creatures come out for us to enjoy(deer, fox, coyotes, raccoons, all sorts of birds which I have all sorts of bird feeders for). My home is decorated in early American attic .
Updated 10/15 I am the mother of two daughters and one son, grandmother of six granddaughters range in age from 32 to 5, two grandsons ages 22 and 14 and two great-grandson age 6 and 3 years old, and two great-granddaughter ages 6 and 4. My children live in Massachusetts and Texas. As you can see there is a vast difference in the ages of my grandchildren. My daughters were born eleven years apart, the oldest having her children early and my youngest having pursued her career to become a child psychologist had hers later. My son never blessed me with any children. My oldest daughter hated her name because it was so common(Deborah Lynne). She gave her children different names. Are you read for this? Here goes: Ambrosia Angelique, Courteney Sorrell, Brittaney Gennevieve, and Fallon Sage. Her son's name is Brentton Edward(not bad). Her daughter followed suit with different names. We have Brindyn, Genevieve, Johnathan and Brinlee. I just found out I am going to be a great grand again-Brody. My youngest daughter did practically the same thing although she had a unique name(Deanne Regina) Her children's names are Hunter Franklin, Avery Elizabeth and Aubrey Rose.

-I love to do all sorts of things, but my favorite is making fudge at Christmas time to make as gifts. Another favorite is making GLUG at Christmas.

  • Although I do not have any siblings, I have allot of cousins that are like brothers and sisters to me. I love to do things for other people.

-I fell six years ago on Christmas Eve leaving my youngest daughter's home In Massachusetts and broke my left femur bone completely in half and was hospitalized and in rehab over the Christmas holidays for over a month. Have not been the same since, so I like to do things that give me pleasure. Long gone are the days of skiing, skating, dancing and all those activities, but I find more hobbies to do and enjoy everyday that is why I joined swap-bot.

If I have not answered some of your questions, please let me know and I will add it to my profile.

Favorite Crafts

-knitting especially sweaters for my grandchildren-recently I have been knitting clothing for American girl dolls for my 11 year old granddaughter and now her 5 year old sister has taken over.

-sewing-recently took my sewing machine out of hibernation after 15 years and have started making doll clothes, tote bags and assorted accessories. Had to buy a new one(10/20/2014). The old one finally quit for good. Love the new one. Now I have to get used to all the new things I can do that I couldn't do with my old clunker.

-crocheting all sorts of afghans for my family and if there is a special occasion will do one for it(baby shower or wedding) I do not sell my wears because I don't want to have any time frames for doing these projects.If someone receive one of these I tell them it is a gift of love.

-iris folding Just started doing this and it is allot of fun and I can send personalized cards to all.

Love To Cook

Although I am not a gourmet cook, I love to cook different things. I am proud of my Polish heritage and cook perogis, golumkis, kluskis and kapusta. I believe I am the only one that makes kapusta(cabbage soup) with sardines for Christmas Eve(Wigilia). All of my family love my homemade horseradish. I make around twenty different kinds of fudge for the Christmas holidays. Everyone loves it and the recipes only take bout 15 minutes each. Forgot to mention GLUG, It is a Swedish liquor made with spices, oranges, raisans, vodka amd wine. Usually make this around Christmas time. My family likes to have some on hand as it makes you sweat and is very good for colds or winter chills.


I am probably one of the very few collectors that have an over 2500 of salt and pepper shakers sets and still buying(my husband says NO). I have them practically in every room, although they are all stored in glass cabinets. My husband says the bathroom is next. My son says it is the only bedroom that he has slept in with salt and pepper shakers-2 huge cabinets in that bedroom. I started collecting in 1961 with my first pair-a cute little male and female cow. As time went by, I got more and more-friends, relatives and my children would buy me them from where ever they went. Then along came Ebay and do I need to tell you what happened? Right, I had access to thousands of them. Please do not send any more of them to me-I really do not have eny place to put them.

  • I also love to collect woman's brooches. I have collected over 1000 of them which I have displayed in shadow boxes in our bedroom.

-Other things I collect:

souvenir spoons from other states and countries

English bone china cups and saucers

chocolate pots

depression blue and cobalt blue glass

cookbooks(love to have more appetizer ones)

cracked glass vases

paper dolls(original books, no cut outs)

Also, I like anything pretty, note paper and pads, things from your country or state that I cannot get here, all sorts of candy especially lollipops(I am still a kid at heart) I am really not a fussy person, I love anything and everything.

My husband says our home looks more like a junk shop than a home. But I love my JUNK as he calls it. He claims that if it doesn't walk I'll buy it. (Maybe that is true. He! He! He!)

Favorite Books

My favorite book of all times is Gone with the Wind. There is a sequel to Gone with the Wind. It is called "Roses" by Leila Meacham. Very good book, think you would enjoy it. I read anything by Danielle Steel and Mary Higgins Clark. I love to read anything-you never know what I am going to pick up next. I just purchased one of those wireless readers that has over 200 books and has the capability of storing hundreds more. That should cut done on my vast collection of books. June '12- I just started reading books by Nicholas Sparks( he is our well known writer that has written numerous bestsellers and has movies reproduced from his books). He just might become my favorite author.


-I do not wear jewelry, only wedding ring and a necklace of the birthstones of all my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren(thirteen and counting). Although, I am into making and getting thing for my grand daughters. I was told by them that anything goes. They are 32, 31, 30, 25, 11 and 5 years old. Great-grands are 6 and 4. Just started tinkering making jewelry. I'm finding so many different ways to make jewelry.

-do not like spicy foods.

-do not like to watch sports on TV. Although I will watch anything to do with Nascar.

-hate hot dogs

Favorite colors

I like all blue and purple hues. When you get right down to it, I love all colors. I am a clothes freak. I have more clothes then I need. I probably have 3 outfits for everyday of the year. Yes, I am a collector even with clothes. Now that I am living down South I have a tendency to stay away from really dark colors. I also love woman's purses. The bigger, gaudier and colorful is what I love.

Just a few hints-my kitchen is done in a baby pink and sage green, living room has every color of the rain bow, dining room is done in navy and cream, one bathroom is done in lavender and sea green, the other is done in light and dark blue, master bedroom id done in sage and forest green, guest bedroom #1 is done in baby blue and the other guest bedroom is done in rose and burgundy.


Here are a few of my likes: different kind of writing pens, notecards, address labels, stickers(pretty), postcards of lighthouses,scenery and old houses and barns, tea bags, buttons, ribbons, mystery books, candles, coasters, souvenir spoons, vases, odd little boxes for trinkets, any mice S&P shakers, charms, larger beads, small print fabric for doll clothes, lollipops, licorice,recipes especially dessert and snacks. Would love to have a dotee doll, Nascar-Jeff Gordon. A new thing that I like is gaudy necklaces. I love the unusual. My granddaughter and I have been seeing who can come up with the most eccentric. We also do not spend a lot of monies on them. They are just for fun.


I love lighthouses the most if you have any, old barns, old houses, covered bridges, pretty scenery, maps, postcard from where you live. In general I love postcards that say where you are from and what goes on in your country, state, city, etc.


Comment: Thank you for resending. I love sunflowers.
HOLDENV84 rated for PCEW18 Round 1 on Feb 21, 2018
Comment: Another one to hide from my son who is a lover of everything Pirate! Thank you so much for the card and the information!
Bexican137590 rated for PH: 2-4-6-8 (2nd Edition) on Feb 21, 2018
Comment: Thank you for this collection of cards
Comment: One of the lighthouse cards was a new one for my collection. Thank you!
pne rated for PCEW18 Round 1 on Feb 20, 2018
Comment: Thank you for your beautiful postcard!
dreamlady66 rated for Happy February on Feb 20, 2018
Comment: Hi Shirley - oh, what a lovely, even glittery-one from Las Vegas just arrived - cool choice as I like scenery views like this :) ❤ well-done!
dearchelsie rated for Eyes closed swap 7 on Feb 19, 2018
Comment: Hi, I received you 2nd send out. Thank you so much. We have plenty bridges here. Just no covered ones. Hopefully one day I can see one in person. I always thought they were neat.
Comment: Thank you for the lovely North Carolina pc!
jj9jj rated for Valentine's Big and Small on Feb 18, 2018
Comment: Thanks for being a part of the swap! Fingers crossed for the outcome!
Comment: Thank you!
PorcelainVee rated for January Birthday Box on Feb 17, 2018
Comment: Shirley! this was a amazing gift box! I absolutely loved everything in the box. The notebook was actually made into a movie and its one of my favorites! so happy to finally have the book. I look forward to using every single thing in the box. did you make the kitchen mat yourself? love all the cute stationary stuff they will all get a good use out of.. Again thank you for everything.
tatntole rated for PCEW18 Round 1 on Feb 16, 2018
Comment: Thank you
simcoe54 rated for Naked Map PC #10 on Feb 15, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the map pc.
MarieS rated for Where You Live (PC) - Jan 2018 on Feb 15, 2018
Comment: Got your card! Thank you!
Maggiesmother rated for PCEW18 Round 1 on Feb 14, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the great postcard. I love the Florida animals.Happy swapping, Linda
simcoe54 rated for Lighthouse PC Swap on Feb 12, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the lovely lighthouse postcard.
mandigutterrose rated for CHWH: Sand or Snow PC on Feb 11, 2018
Comment: Would have loved to have heard about your perfect day in the snow.
margaeli rated for Send a Naked Map Postcard #7 on Feb 11, 2018
Comment: Fun card -- I love the Arizona version of that card, which I send out frequently. Sorry for the late rating. The family put some swaps on the craft table; it got ignored for 2 (??) weeks. Happy swapping.
goinjenny rated for PCEW18 Round 1 on Feb 11, 2018
Comment: Thank you
Comment: Got the cards, will send out next round. Thanks for my postcard. : )

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Happy Birthday Shirley! Hope you enjoyed your special day.

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Received your PEW 2017 today, thank you

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Hi Shirley... I got my postcard back from you, thanks for sending it on so quickly. I hope you are well and are not getting too much cold and snow where you are!

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From Cheap Postage Group!!


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Merry Christmas

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Sorry....I did not finish my sentence! Darn computer! I wanted to say the Christmas cats that you sent were my favourites....have a very Merry Christmas with your family!

Cariboocarol on Dec 7, 2017:

Hi Shirley! Loved reading about your collections--I should make my husband read this because he THINKS I have alot of stuff! Ha! I love to shop too and bring home lots of things along the lines of rhinestone brooches, clothes and dishes...and I would like to receive a dotee doll too! Anyway, the reason I returned to your profile was to thank you for both of the lovely Christmas cards you sent--- both had c

wombatlady on Dec 4, 2017:

Belatedly, thank you for sending my postcard back!

MuddyPuddle on Dec 3, 2017:

I just received my day of the dead postcard back, thanks so much! I grew up in Massachusetts, but moved to Maine when I went to college and stayed there for 30 years before moving on to Arizona - for the sunshine. Now I'm back on the much grayer east coast and hoping I make it through the winter.... Thanks again!

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